SterGen has the capabilities to convert the existing 2D feed to high quality 3D sports coverage in real time with very little effort and at lower operational costs. SterGen creates a virtual camera that augments the real 2D camera and provides a genuine 3D image.

Native 3D cameras are physically limited in the distance that can be put between them, causing the “flatness” problem seen during the high cameras/wide shots. SterGen’s use of a virtual camera allows it to change the distance between the two “cameras” in real time, thereby increasing or decreasing the 3D effect.  The result is a quality that is equal to the native 3D production and even better in the high cameras.

In addition, the SterGen system can handle on screen graphics and provide the desired 3D effect the broadcaster prefers.

SterGen can be placed anywhere along the video path (in stadium, in studio, or at cable head end). All this is done in real time so that any 2D production can be easily and cost effectively converted into 3D for better viewing experience.