Glasses Free 3D screens – mainly on tablets – are gaining traction and are paving the way to the glasses free revolution. With the latest advancement in processing power for 3D phones /tablets and TVs, SterGen can introduce its ground breaking technology, that changed the 2D–>3D conversion space in the broadcasting side, also to the end user devices.


Once solving the Glasses hurdle, the lack of 3D content becomes the main challenge of the Device manufacturer to push the concept of 3D. By enabling the next generation of conversion technology, SterGen let the user chose from the endless amount of 2D content – Sport, movies, news or other – and have it Real Time converted to 3D on the device.


SterGen’s In Device Software is a derivative of SterGen’s patent pending Server based algorithms, with the necessary adaptations that are needed for the processing power and display capabilities of the device. The conversion software converts the content at a quality that varies according to the scene’s characteristics – from the quality that is accustomed today in the conversion market place – to a high quality, genuine 3D that is based on the true scene /objects geometry and that represents a 3D experience that is similar and at times better than content that was originally produced in 3D.