SterGen offers a studio mode that can create a highlights program in 3D made up of the last round of games. If you are only interested in showing the highlights of the weekend’s games, we can convert such a program in real-time.


2D + 3D →  3D Hybrid Production


SterGen Live can also serve in a hybrid production mode. In this case, the high cameras are 2D HD while the low cameras can remain native 3D. SterGen has a strong advantage in the high cameras and can solve the wide angle shot, or “flatness” problem. SterGen’s depth control allows for a better 3D effect in the high cameras, which account for over 70% of the sports broadcast. For the low cameras, a native 3D camera can be used to maximize their advantage.

The SterGen engine sits downstream after the matrix, receives the program feed and generates the 3D effect when needed based on real time analysis. If the feed is from the 2D feed, the system creates the 3D version by generating the 2nd ‘eye’. If the feed is already a 3D scene coming from a native 3D camera, then the system does not modify it and passes it “as is”.

The hybrid production is ideal for those who desire to maximize the wide shot angle advantage of SterGen’s conversion technology and use native 3D cameras for the lower cameras and close up shots.


SterGen Live can be also placed in a full native 3D production in order to both enhance the 3D effect of the high cameras and to create additional versions of the production for multi screen purposes. SterGen takes the feed and enhances the 3D effect where needed – providing the right 3D depth to the scene, regardless of the physical constraints derived from the actual lens separation.