SterGen High-Tech Ltd, founded in 2009, is a company that develops 2D to 3D video conversion technologies for the TV sports market.

Our mission is to solve the lack of 3D content problem, considered as one of the main obstacles in preventing a faster spread of 3D broadcasting, by providing a revolutionary high quality and yet cost-effective method for broadcasting 3D sporting events in real-time. SterGen’s unique solution enables both live TV and archive games content to be broadcast regularly in 3D, raising the demand for 3D sports viewing everywhere.

SterGen’s patented technology is an easy-to-use software module residing in a commercial Hardware converting in real time a normal 2D sports feed to stereo 3D. It can be placed anywhere on the video path – in the stadium, studio or the cable’s headend.

Among SterGen’s major shareholders are Dr. Miky Tamir, TheTime and Vizrt